Thoughts on Beats 1

  • I get too much Ebro and not much else
  • the schedule is unclear to me
  • I get too many reruns for my taste, why are the reruns almost exactly 24h after the original? why not 12, or 17?
  • I get too much Charts and pop music for my taste. There is some really cool music I've discovered, but there's too much of that Bieber/Skrillex song, and too much of the charts show.
  • Censoring swear words in the music is ridiculous. Either accept that the horrible (eyeroll) swearwords are part of the art you are trying to distribute, or only play clean music. But cutting holes into songs is getting on my nerves. One of the "Bangers of the week" is I'mma fuck the summer up which repeats that line over the whole song . having an unwanted glottal stop within each line of the refrain is destroying my listening pleasure way more than the occasional f-bomb.
  • Some songs are not available on apple music. Which is sad.